Medical Physics Grad Students
Our Graduate Students

Current PhD Students 2023-2024

Gawon Han
Gawon Han
Odunola Grace Babawale
Odunola Grace Babawale
Mark Geoffrey Wright
Mark Geoffrey Wright

Current MSc Students 2023-2024

Alec Swallow
Alec Swallow
Ali Islam
Ali Islam
Alireza Gazor
Alireza Gazor
Ben Schultz
Ben Schultz
Bhumika Handa
Bhumika Handa
Chris Sedlock
Chris Sedlock
Jose Antonio Klautau Toffoli
Jose Antonio Klautau Toffoli
Lauren Smart
Lauren Smart
Léo Rémillard
Léo Rémillard
Patricia Jule Oliva
Patricia Jule Oliva
Yimiao Zhao
Yimiao Zhao

Certificate Students

Kim Cuong Nguyen
Kim Cuong Nguyen

Past Graduate Students

Graduated 2020 or later

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Radim Barta PhD (2022) Receive Radio-Frequency Coils for a Parallel B0 Linac-MR
Neil Johnson MSc (2022) Ensembles of Neural Networks for Tumour Motion Prediction
Aaron Purchase PhD (2022) Advances in Portable TRACE MRI
Braden Chow PhD (2022) Radiobiological Modeling and Exponential Quantification of Radiobiological Parameters in Cervical Cancer Brachytherapy Dose Calculation
Simon Ferguson PhD (2022) Cyclotron production and imaging properties of scandium-44
Mark Wright MSc (2021) Time Domain Principal Component Analysis for Rapid, Real-Time 2D MRI Reconstruction from Undersampled Data
Cameron Hough PhD (2021) Biological Effects of Intense Terahertz Pulses
Clara Fallone PhD (2021) Fat Unsaturation Quantification, Including ω-3 Measures, with In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Bryson Dietz PhD (2020) Real time on-the-fly dynamic MRI for radiotherapy
Hongwei Sun PhD (2020) Radio-frequency Transmit Coils and Imaging Techniques for TRASE MRI
Ray Yang PhD (2020) Development of an Efficient Algorithmic Framework for Deterministic Patient Dose Calculation in MRI-guided Radiotherapy

Graduated 2010 to 2019

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Amanda Swan MSc (2019) Streamline Upwind Petrov-Galerkin Angular Stabilization of the Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation with Magnetic Fields
Gawon Han MSc (2019) Automatic Optimization of Treatment Dosimetry to Improve Visual Outcomes in Episcleral Plaque Brachytherapy
Brennen Dobberthien PhD (2019) Spectral Editing for Detection of Oncologically Relevant Metabolites with In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at 9.4 T
Andrei Ghila PhD (2018) Surface and Buildup Dose Effects in a Linac-MR
Hali Morrison PhD (2017) Accurate Dosimetry for Ocular Brachytherapy: Measurement, Delivery Uncertainty, and Dose Calculation Studies
Oleksandr Zelyak MSc (2017) Stability of Dose Calculation in Radiotherapy
Jean-David Jutras PhD (2016) Volumetric Quantitative Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Application to Cancer
Shima Yaghoobpour Tari MSc (2016) Optimization of a Non-Axial Magnet Design
Eugene Yip PhD (2016) Highly Accelerated MRI: Prior Data Assisted Compressed Sensing for Lung Tumour Tracking
Brie Cawston-Grant MSc (2016) ACE Evaluation for GYN & Scalp Brachytherapy
Daniel Tamagi MSc (2016) Lung Patient Treatment Plan Optimization in the Presence of Magnetic Fields
Devin Baillie PhD (2016) Design and Simulation of a Short, 10 MV, Variable Energy Linear Accelerator for use in Linac-MR Systems
Dylan Breitkreutz MSc (2015) Effect of J coupling on 1.3-ppm lipid methylene signal acquired with localised proton MRS at 3T
Danielle Anderson PhD (2015) Dosimetry and Biological Studies for Microbeam Radiation Therapy at the Canadian Light Source
Michael Reynolds PhD (2015) Dose Response of Selected Radiation Detectors in a Magnetic Field
Derek MC Liu PhD (2014) Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy Dosimetry
Amr Heikal PhD (2014) Biochemical Imaging of Gliomas Using MR Spectroscopic Imaging for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Ayhan Bingolbali MSc (2014) Response of Lipid Olefinic Protons to In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Sequences at 3T
Moti R. Paudel PhD (2014) Metal Artifact Reduction in Computed Tomographic(CT) Images for Radiotheapy Treatment Planning
Jihyun Yun PhD (2013) Intrafractional Tumour Tracking using Linac-MR
Artur Teymurazyan PhD (2013) Target Volume Delineation in Dynamic Positron Emission Tomography Based on Time Activity Curve Differences
Ben Burke PhD (2013) Characterization of Radiation Induced Current in RF Coils of Linac-MR Systems
Amirmohamad Keyvanloo MSc (2013) Skin Dose in Longitudial and Transverse Linac-MRis using Monte-Carlo and realistic #D MRI field models
Katherine Gagnon PhD (2012) Cyclotron Production of Technetium-99m
Dong-Chang Lee MSc (2012) Factor Analysis with Prior Information-Application to Dynamic PET Imaging
Eugene Yip MSc (2012) Real Time Tracking of Lung Tumours Using Low Field MRI: A Feasibility Study
David J. Sinn MSc (2012) Construction of a Liquid Scintillation Detector for Relative Megavoltage Dosimetry
Tony Tadic PhD (2012) Magnet Design and Optimization for an Integrated Linac-MRI System
Jean-David Jutras MSc (2011) Efficient Data Acquisition, Transmission and Post-Processing for Quality Spiral Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Andrei Ghila MSc (2011) Measurements of Radiation Induced Currents in RF Coil Conductors
Dan Michael Santos MSc (2011) The performance and magnetic shielding of a 6 MV in-line linac in a parallel linac-MR configuration
Jiyun Ren MSc (2011) MR Image-Guided Adaptive Cervix Brachytherapy
Joel St. Aubin PhD (2010) 3D Linac Simulation for a Linac-MR System
Lesley Baldwin PhD (2010) MRI-Based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Matthew Larocque PhD (2010) ADC and T2 Response to Radiotherapy
Jennifer Moroz MSc (2010) Roc Curve Analysis to Metabolomics Data Sets
Paul Kirvan MSc (2010) Cadmium Tungstate MVCT Scanner Performance
Ryan Rivest PhD (2010) Image registration in adaptive radiation therapy

Graduated 2000 to 2009

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Michael Lamey PhD (2009) RF Noise Studies for a Linac - MRI System
Lori Noice MSc (2009) A Quantitative Analysis of 4DCT
Ben Burke MSc (2008) Measurement of Radiofrequency Emissions from a Medical Linac
David Sasaki MSc (2008) The Use of MVCT for Treatment Planning
Teo Stanescu PhD (2008) Towards Magnetic Resonance Image-guided Radiation Therapy
Thalat Monajemi PhD (2007) Cadmium Tungstate Scintillators in Contact with Silicon Photodiodes as Detectors for Megavoltage Computed Tomography
Amr Heikal MSc (2007) High-Resolution MRSI for Radiotherapy Planning
Colleen Schinkel PhD (2007) Clinical Applicability of TCP and NTCP Models for Inverse Planning Optimization and Parameter Estimation
Donata Drabik MSc (2007) Advanced Radiological and Nuclear Imaging Physics
Steven Thomas PhD (2007) Dose Verification in Image Guided Adaptive RT
Sandra Vidakovic MSc (2006) Feasibility of Normalized Mutual Information Registration of CT
Hans-Sonke Jans MSc (2006) 3D Inter-Fractional Patient Set-Up Verification and the Biological Impact of Positioning Errors
Michael Weldon MSc (2006) Applying Radiation Induced Tissue Damage Models to Cell-Colony Data Analysis and Dose-Volume Constraint Estimation
Laura Drever MSc (2005) Positron Emission Tomography Target Volume Delineation
Charlie Kirkby PhD (2005) Improving Photon Energy Fluence Measurement with an a-Si EPID
Deluan Tu MSc (2005) Bench-top Megavoltage Computed Tomography Scanner with Cadmium Tungstate - Photodiode Detectors
Isabelle M. Gagné PhD (2005) The Impact of Motion Upon CT Image Reconstruction
Brad Warkentin PhD (2005) Development of Verification Procedures using a Flat-Panel EPID, and Application and Investigation of Radiobiological Models, for Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
Anna Kress MSc (2005) Experimental Investigation of Two Techniques to Reduce Limited Field-of-View Artifacts in Computed Tomography
Alana Hudson MSc (2004) Dosimetric Verification of Radiation Treatment Fields Using Radiographic Film
Geetha Menon MSc (2004) Compensator Transmission Measurement and Thickness Verification with an a-Si EPID
Alasdair Syme PhD (2004) The Mechanism of Sensitivity Reduction of a-Se X-ray Detectors
Keith Nakonechny MSc (2004) Novel Methods of Measuring Single Dose Profiles and Cumulative Dose in Computed Tomograph
Thalat Monajemi MSc (2004) Modeling Scintillator-Photodiodes as Detectors for Megavoltage Computed Tomography
Charles Schroeder MSc (2004) Lag Measurement in an a-Se Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imager
Erin Barnett MSc (2004) Characterization of a Diamond Detector for Intensity Modulated Point Dose Measurements
Marc A. MacKenzie PhD (2000) Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy Technique Using Sliding Window Dynamic Multileaf Collimation

Graduated 1990 to 1999

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Isabelle M. Gagné MSc (1999) The Development of Equivalent Uniform Dose Models for Normal Tissue Irradiation
Geetha Menon MSc (1999) Experimental Determination of Relative Outputs of Sr-90 Ophthalimic Applicators and the Anisotropy Function of the Model 6711 I-125 Seed
Lara M. Dyke MSc (1997) Development of a Clinical MRI Dosimeter
Parminder S. Basran MSc (1997) Optimisation of Lung Cancer Treatment
John R. Kollar MSc (1996) Evaluation and Modification of a Differential SAR Dose Calculation Algorithm
Marc A. MacKenzie MSc (1996) Production of Dose Profiles by Dynamic Collimation
Terence .A. Riauka PhD (1995) Photon Propagation and Detection in SPECT : Theory, Experimental Validation, and Applications
Cheryl R. Duzenli PhD (1995) Spin-spin Relaxation Rate MRI Dosimetry Using Ferrous Sulphate Gelatin Materials
John A. Antoluk PhD (1992) Evaluation and Modification of Electron Beam Treatment Planning Algorithms
Terence .A. Riauka MSc(1991) Photon Propagation and Detection in SPECT: Theory, Experimental Validation, and Applications
Brad Murray MSc(1990) An Experimental Evaluation of an Electron Arc Algorithm

Graduated 1980 to 1989

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Atsushi Takahashi MSc(1989) Evaluation of Filters for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
Trevor M. Fitzgerald MSc(1989) An Experimental Verification of a Treatment Planning Algorithm for Photon Dose Calculations in Irregular Fields
G. Colin Field MSc(1989) Dose Calculations for Megavoltage Photon Beams Using Convolution
Don M. Robinson PhD (1989) The Design and Fabrication of Optimized Missing Tissue Compensators
David J. Perry PhD (1989) On the Penetration of Fast Charged Particles in Matter
Larry Yakiwczuk MSc(1987) Analysis of the Equivalent Tissue Air Ratio Method of Photon Dose Computation
Rick J. Crilly MSc(1987) The Transport of Infrared Radiation Through Tissue
Don M. Robinson MSc(1986) Megavoltage Photon Dose Modification Resulting from Tissue Compensator Retraction
Adriano Zenari PhD (1985) Nuclear medicine tomography with special reference to the Photon multiplane imager
C. Park PhD (1984) Multiple scattering of electrons used in medical radiation therapy
Ellen El-Khatib PhD (1984) Detection and prevention of lung damage in large field irradiation with X-rays
T. Rock Mackie PhD (1984) A study of charged particles and scattered photons in megavoltage X-ray beams

Graduated 1970 to 1979

Name Degree (Year) Thesis Title
Sara Swenson PhD (1979) Combined effects of microwaves and gamma rays on cultured mamalian cells
Zoi Kolitsi MSc (1979) Scattered radiation from beam modifying devices used with megavoltage therapy beams
Rob B. Barnett MSc (1977) Polarized fluorescence from the cytoplasm of lymphocytes
M.K. Leung MSc (1977) A study of photographic gamma ray dosimetry in the determination of depth doses and isodose distributions
D. Roback MSc (1973) Toxic effect of irradiated medium on mammalian cells in tissue culture
P.D. Sharma MSc (1972) Radiation dose distributions around radioactive sources and their perturbation by absorbing materials