Machine Shop

The Machine Shop supports the Cross Cancer Institute's clinical, developmental, and research programs by providing an on-site facility that cost-effectively designs, manufactures, and repairs items that:

  • Help keep the Institute's equipment operating properly and efficiently
  • Help technical staff perform their jobs efficiently, effectively and safely
  • Assist the Institute's researchers and students in their research activities.

The Machine Shop has designed and manufactured numerous items used in the Institute. Among them are:

  • Patient positioning and comfort devices that may be used interchangeably in the CT, MRI, linear accelerators, and the Mould Room.
  • Equipment used for radiation detection, protection, and safety.
  • Various devices used by oncologists, medical physicists, research scientists, and graduate students for research and development.
Aqa-plast Headbase
Aqa-plast Headbase
PET Metabolite HPLC Detector Shielding
PET Metabolite HPLC Detector Shielding
Lung phantom
Lung (w/ tumour) phantom for PET and CT image fusion

The Medical Physics Machine Shop is well equipped. The most recent acquisition was a Fusion3 F400 3D printer. This printer enables the machine shop staff to quickly manufacture items such as 3D boluses customized to individual patients. Shop staff possess extensive knowledge and experience, and coupled with the variety of equipment, have helped turn many ideas into reality.

The Machine Shop has produced testing apparatus and phantoms, including devices for:

  • 3D conformal radiotherapy
  • MRI breast biopsy
  • Pencil beam phantom
  • Mercury Arc lamps
  • Chromatography chambers
  • De-ionization system
  • Quality assurance
  • Vacuum transfer apparatus

When procedures change, the Machine Shop is frequently called on to modify fixtures or equipment. Meeting the challenges associated with future changes and ideas is important for the Machine Shop.

The Machine Shop is staffed by:

  • Two Machinist Technician.

Machine Shop:
c/o Department of Medical Physics,
Cross Cancer Institute,
11560 University Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1Z2.