Clinical Radiation Oncology Facilities

For External Beam treatments, the facility includes:

  • Eight Varian linear accelerators with multileaf collimators and electronic portal imagers. Six of these are Truebeam® Systems.
  • One MagnetTx Aurora™ Linac_MR unit
  • One Xstrahl orthovoltage x-ray machine.
  • Two Philips Big Bore RT CT-simulators.
  • One Elekta Gamma Knife system

For external beam radiation treatment planning, the CCI uses several different systems. The workhorse for external beam treatment is the Varian Eclipse™ treatment planning system. Eclipse plans include conformal, intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). Linac-MR treatment planning is also handled by Eclipse. RaySearch RayStation is used to generate 2nd checks of the linac-MR treatments, but will become the primary treatment planning system for linac-MR treatments in the future. The Gamma Knife system has it's own Gamma Plan software for planning treatments.

The brachytherapy program includes:

  • One MicroSelectron HDR unit, with planning handled by the Varian Variseed® system.
  • Two Nucletron PDR Units, with planning handled by the Nucletron Oncentra® system.
  • Plaque Simulator software for ocular brachytherapy.