Mould Room

The Mould Room is part of the multi-disciplinary team responsible for treatment preperation and planning for radiation therapy patients. Mould Room staff are involved with pre-treatment activities such as:

Immobilization Shell

Manufacturing and fitting a variety of patient immobilization and positioning devices.

Styrofoam cutout for a steel shot compensator

Manufacturing customized sheilding and beam modification devices, customized applicators and other items required for radiation therapy patients.

Cerrobend Shielding Blocks

Assisting CT-Simulator and Radiation Therapy Treatment staff with immobilization and patient setup.

The Mould Room also participates in developmental and research activities with Medical Physicists, Radiation Oncologists and graduate students.

The Mould Room is staffed by:

  • One Dosimetrist IIIA who oversees the day-to-day activities of the Dosimetry/Treament Planning and the Mould Room
  • Two full time equivalent(FTE) Mould Room Technologist IIs.