Information for Residents and Prospective Residents

The Medical Physics Residency Programs do not have an annual deadlines for applicant submissions. Program openings are based on availability which in turn depends on the progress of residents currently in the program. A maximum of 4 residents in Radiation Oncology and 1 resident in Diagnostic Imaging Physics may be taken at one time. Openings in the residency program are advertised in the following job opportunity bulletins:


Applicants should have a graduate degree, preferably a PhD in Medical Physics or a closely related field (eg. Biomedical Engineering). Preference will be given to applicants who have graduated from a CAMPEP accredited program. Graduates of a non CAMPEP accredited program may be accepted based on their background knowledge, course work and personal achievements. See the Graduate Courses page as a guide to the course work required in the University of Alberta Medical Physics Graduate Program, a CAMPEP accredited program.

Before You Apply...

Applicants to the Residency Program should review the information on this website, in particular:

Additional background information is available at both the AAPM and COMP websites:

  • " Public and Media" Section of the AAPM website
  • " What is Medical Physics?" section of the COMP website
  • AAPM Report 90, Essentials and Guidelines for Hospital-Based Medical Physics Residency Training Programs(This publication is available for free download in the AAPM Reports section) of the AAPM website.

The Application Form

The Residency Program application form is available for download here:

Applicants can also request an application and information package, that will be sent to them by mail if there is a current opening. Each information package includes:

  • Description of the Medical Physics program
  • Residency Program application form
  • Information regarding how to apply and what to expect during the application process
  • AAPM's The Medical Physicist
  • Information on preferred background coursework

The Application Process

When a Medical Physics Resident position becomes available, standard search and selection procedures are used, similar to those used for other Medical Physics staff positions (e.g., applications solicited, potential applicant meetings with selection committee, etc.). If multiple applicants apply for an open residency position, selection will be made based on 1) qualifications; 2) personal interview. Preference will be given to Canadian applicants in accordance with Canadian regulations and those with a Medical Physics degree. In addition, individuals who have obtained a Medical Physics degree from a CAMPEP-accredited facility, including the University of Alberta Medical Physics Program, will be viewed favourably. Applicants with equivalent backgrounds will be chosen based on the personal interview. The final decision regarding the successful applicant for each Medical Physicist Resident position is made by the Medical Physicist Resident Training Committee.

Interested applicants should contact

B. G. Fallone, Ph.D., FCCPM, DABR
Professor and Director
Division of Medical Physics
Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Alberta
Director, Medical Physics Graduate Program
Director, Department of Medical Physics, Cross Cancer Institute

See the Contacts Page for Dr. Fallone's contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address...etc)

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