Medical Physics Faculty

Boguslaw Tomanek

Boguslaw Tomanek, PhD

Associate Professor, Radiation Therapy Degree Program, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

B.Sc. Physics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, 1986
M.Sc. Medical Physics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, 1988
Ph.D. Medical Physics, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland, 1995.
D.Sc. Physics: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland, 2007

Awards (selected):

  • Public Service Award of Excellence for Innovation, Ottawa, Canada
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa
  • Technology Transfer Award, Federal Partners in Technology Transfer, Halifax, Canada
  • Individual Corporate Outstanding Achievement Award, National Research Council of Canada, Vancouver/Ottawa, Canada
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, Industrial Partnership Award, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa

Reviewer for over 20 national and foreign granting agencies and over 30 scientific journals.

Research Interests

Molecular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of cancer, multimodal imaging, RF coils for MRI, functional MRI, image guided therapy, new medical technologies.

Selected Publications

(Total: 7 book chapters and 120 publications, over 100 oral presentations and over 200 conference abstracts)

Sboto-Frankenstein UN, Tiffany Lazar T, Bolster RB, Thind S, Patricia Dreessen de Gervai P, Gruwel MHL, Smith SD, Tomanek B,
"Symmetry of the Fornix Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging",
JMRI 40(4):929-36, 2014.

Lama S, Auer RN, Tyson R, Gallagher CN, Tomanek B, Sutherland GR,
"Lactate Storm Marks Cerebral Metabolism following Brain Trauma",
J. Biol. Chem 289(29):, 2014.

Piedzia W, Jasinski K, Kalita K, Tomanek B, Weglarz W,
"White and gray matter contrast enhancement in MR images of the mouse brain in vivo using IR UTE with a cryo-coil at 9.4 T.",
J Neurosc Meth 232:30–35, 2014.

Couch MJ, Blasiak B, Tomanek B, Ouriadov AV, Fox MS, Dowhos KM, Albert MS,
"Hyperpolarized MRI Agents and Inert Gas MRI: The Future",
Molecular Imaging and Biology (published online Sept 17, 2014).

Kulinowski P, Mlynarczyk A, Jasinski K, Tomanek B, Talik P, Gruwel M, Weglarz W, Dorozynski P,
"Magnetic Resonance Microscopy for Assessment of Morphological Changes in Hydrating Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Matrix Tablets in situ - is it Possible to Detect Phenomena Related to Drug Dissolution Within the Hydrated Matrices?"
Pharmaceutical Research, 31(9):2383-92, Sept 2014.

de Gervai P, Sboto-Frankenstein UN, Bolster RB, Thind S,
Gruwel MLH, Smith SD, Tomanek B,
"Tractography of Meyer's Loop asymmetries",
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J Neurosc Meth 226:132-138, 2014.

Sharp JC, King SB, Deng Q, Volotovskyy V, Tomanek B,
"High-resolution MRI encoding using radiofrequency phase gradients",
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"A cheaper, quieter MRI system",
Nature, 501:138-9, Sept 12, 2013.

Blasiak B, Barnes S, Foniok T, Rushforth D, Matyas J, Ponjevic D, Weglarz WP, Tyson R, Iqbal U, Abulrob A, Sutherland GR, Obenaus A, Tomanek B,
"Comparison of T2 and T2*-weighted MR molecular imaging of a mouse model of glioma",
BMC Medical Imaging, 13:20-28, 2013.

Zhu X, Sharp J, Tomanek B,
"A Pixel is an Artifact: On the Necessity of Zero-filling in Fourier Imaging",
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A. 42(2): 32-44, 2013.

Kornelsen J, Sboto-Frankenstein UN, McIver T, Gervai P, Wacnik P,
Berrington N, Tomanek B.
"Default mode network functional connectivity altered in failed back surgery syndrome",
Journal of Pain, 14 (5):483-491, 2013.

Burda Z, Kornelsen J, Nowak MA, Porebski B, Sboto-Frankenstein U,
Tomanek B, Tyburczyk J,
"Collective correlations of brodmann areas fMRI study with RMT-denoising",
Acta Physica Polonica B, 44(6):1243-59, 2013.

Deng Q, King SB, Volotovskyy V, Tomanek B, Sharp JC,
"B1 Transmit Phase Gradient Coil for Single-Axis TRASE RF Encoding",
Magnetic Resonance Imaging , 31(6):891-899, 2013.

Bartusik D, Tomanek B,
"Detection of 19F-Labeled Biopharmaceuticals in Cell Cultures with Magnetic Resonance",
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 65(8):1056-64, 2013.

King AJ, Deng Q, Tyson R, Sharp JC, Matwiy J, Tomanek B, Dunn JF,
"In Vivo Open-Bore MRI Reveals Region- and Sub-Arc-Specific Lengthening of the Unloaded Human Posterior Cruciate Ligament",
PLoS ONE 7(11), 2012.

Sarty GE, Sharp J, Tomanek B, Turek K, Obenaus A, Scott A, Piche L, Kontulainen S, Chilibeck P, Farthing J, Baxter-Jones A, Pierson RA,
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Proc. Int Astronautical Congress, 1:217-223; 2012.

Kulinowski P, Mlynarczyk A, Dorozynski P, Jasinski K, Gruwel MLH,
Tomanek B, Weglarz WP,
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Pharmaceutical Research, 29(12):3420--3433, 2012.

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Lin HY, Freed D, Lee TWR, MD, Arora CR, Ali A, Almoustadi W, Xiang B,
Wang F, Large S, King SB, Tomanek B, Tian G.
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Blasiak B, Zhang Z, Zhang X, Foniok T, Sutherland GR, Veres T, Tomanek B.
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