Atiyah Yahya, PhD, FCCPM, P.Eng., FCOMP

Atiyah Yahya

Associate Professor, Division of Medical Physics,
Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics CCI

B.Sc. Engineering Physics: University of Alberta, 1999
Ph.D. Medical Sciences- Biomedical Eng., and Electrical and Computer Eng.: University of Alberta, 2006

Fellow: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine
Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics)
Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology Physics)
Certification: Physics of Mammography, Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine
Fellow: Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists

Current Research Interests

My general area of research is in the field of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). I design in vivo techniques for the measurement of metabolites relevant to cancer. My work is conducted with the 3 T and 9.4 T MRI scanners housed at the Cross Cancer Institute. Recently, I have been working on improving proton MRS quantification of lipids. In addition to technical development, I am interested in applying MRS to monitor changes in metabolite levels in response to treatment.

Selected Publications

E. Saive, L. Fairgrieve-Park, A. Yahya,
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