A Headshell

Mould Room

The Mould Room supports the Cross Cancer Institute's clinical radiotherapy activities, and is responsible for the manufacture of:

Immobilization Shell

immobilizing devices for patients undergoing radiation therapy

Styrofoam cutout for a steel shot compensator


Cerrobend Shielding Blocks

beam divergent shielding

The Mould Room also participates in research activities with Medical Physicists and graduate students.

The Mould Room is staffed by:

  • One Planning Process Coordinator overseeing the activities of the Dosimetry/Treament Planning areas and the Mould Room
  • Three Mould Room Technologist IIs
  • Two Dosimetrist-Mould Room Technologist IIs who divide their time between the Mould Room and Dosimetry.

Mould Room:
c/o Medical Physics Department,
Cross Cancer Institute,
11560 University Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1Z2.

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