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Clinical Whole Body Linac-MR v.2


First Linac-MR images of a Human Subject


Clinical Whole Body Linac-MR v.1 installed in 2013

6 MV Linac; 0.5 T MR; 60 cm bore


Models of Whole Body Linac-MR v.1 Design

Transverse (Perpendicular) Configuration

Longitudinal (Parallel) Configuration


First Images Obtained in 2008 from the Head Prototype

Comparision of two MR axial image without and with 6 MV linac irradiation

Left: MR axial image without 6 MV linac irradiation
Right:MR axial image during 6 MV irradiation of object imaged. Linac is without flattening filter and radiation was monitored during imaging.

Axial slices were obtained with a raw gradient echo sequence, flip angle =90o, TE=14.0 ms, TR=300 ms, Bandwidth = 10 kHz, matrix size=128x128, No-Averages=1, slice thickness=7 mm, FOV=100 mm x 100 mm.  The phantom consists of an acrylic rectangular cube 15.95 x 15.95 x 25.4 mm (0.628 x 0.628 x 1.0 inch) with holes of diameter 2.52 mm, 3.45 mm and 4.78 mm (0.099 inch, 0.136 inch, 0.188 inch) drilled parallel to the length of the rectangular cube. The cube is immersed in a 10 mM solution of CuSO4 within a plastic container 22.5 mm inner diameter.


Prototype Head Linac-MR (during Construction)